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scones, winter fruit salad & making vinegar(?)

I’ll try to post pictures of what I make every day. Here’s breakfast on the first day of this blog.  Yummy chocolate chip and chocolate chip and cherry scones from Naomi’s recipe, and fruit salad with some grated ginger and vanilla to make it extra tasty. I got distracted while making the soy creamer I used for the scones into soy-buttermilk by adding some vinegar.  I was down to the bottom of the Bragg’s cider vinegar, and the goopy mother poured into my teaspoon, and we had some old and vinegar-ish black currant wine left over from last summer’s Ithaca Farmers’ Market, so I read a little about making vinegar.  I don’t know if it will work, but I poured the two together into a wide-mouthed jar, covered it with a cloth, and stashed it in a dark cabinet.  I’ll need to add some wine or hard cider, and we’ll see how it goes!

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One thought on “scones, winter fruit salad & making vinegar(?)

  1. da on said:

    got plenty of hard cider – but ya gotta come get it. you might find some in the barn which is a bit closer

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