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Felted Shoelace Tutorial, Part II

Today I made the aglets (that’s the name for the little tippity ends of a shoelace – who knew?) for my felted shoelaces.  At a hardware store, you can get a little pack of this nifty heat-shrink tubing, used for electrical wiring. I cut two little pieces, about a half inch each, for each shoelace.

Then I twisted and poked the end of the felted lace all the way into the tube.  It was a tight fit, but I thought that was good – better than too loose!

Next, I used the blow drier on its hottest setting, and held it very close to the aglet-to-be.  I weighted it down so I wouldn’t burn my fingers!  It only shrank a little bit, but it became snug enough not to slide off, and made very professional looking ends to the laces.

Here’s the completed shoelace – cute and fuzzy, with tidy aglets (how many times can I use that new word)!

Lacing up boot number two.

Lace ’em up and tie a bow!

Can’t wait to wear them tomorrow!  Now where is the shoe polish?

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2 thoughts on “Felted Shoelace Tutorial, Part II

  1. What a great tip about the heat shrink tips! All this tipping talk is making me tipsy. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

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