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An Animation Collaboration

Soon I should be posting more images of a collaborative animation project I am directing with eight young women animators at MICA (where I’m a professor), and eight fifth-grade girls from the Jemicy School – my daughter’s classmates.  This week, for our first visit, at my daughter’s suggestion, we made quick, fun, two-page flipbooks, just like in this great little tutorial on the wonderful blog, Made by Joel.

Right now, I am updating the news section of my professional portfolio website, adding some pictures and information about recent and ongoing projects. Here are some of the photos I’m putting on.  If these pictures pique your curiosity, visit my website and see a bunch of things Lynn made — just not today!

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3 thoughts on “An Animation Collaboration

  1. What a fantastic project! I’m sure the kids loved it! I checked out your professional site and loved it as well!

  2. Thanks! We’re just getting started. Should be fun!

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