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We Are Alive

We Are Alive from Lynn Tomlinson on Vimeo.

Today we wrapped up a project created with my summer animation class at Cornell.  Using collage cut-out animation, everyone (including my son, Sam, and myself) made a section of a music video set to a fun song called “We Are Alive” by singer/songwriter Mary Beth Abella.

Mary Beth and I have known each other since we were about six or seven years old.  There’s a picture in this video of two girls on a dock, taking off on luna moth wings — that’s the two of us at the beach in New Jersey, long ago.

All the students in my class brought in images from old books and magazines, or images they found online.  The first four sections were made by these students.  I made the part from the astronaut to the girls on the dock, and my son, Sam Saper, made the rest – starting with the tapping feet.  He did a great job, animating about 45 seconds in one afternoon!

It was a fun collaboration.  I enjoyed finding images that brought back childhood memories — Fisher Price toys, the game of LIFE.

Here’s an image of a Cher paper doll I used.

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One thought on “We Are Alive

  1. Michele on said:

    I love that blast from the past! How very cool. So happy to see what you share. Hope all is well. Michele

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